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AG Architecture was established in 2003, in the form of a study group of “Eco-house”, instructed by architect SUE ROAF, professor of Oxford Brookes University. The group’s hard work for the publication of the book “Eco-house 2", chief author professor SUE ROAF is a marking point in the research of eco-house designing. After returning to the home country in 2007, the Vietnamese overseas students officially established AG – A Group - Architecture. During its process of development, AG Company has always focused on its unique strengths.


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Aims and Objectives

Emphasizing uniformity in design

With the aim of giving optimal solutions for from general planning to architectural and landscape designing, AG Architecture has created consistent projects and environmentally-friendly. We have applied many scientific approaches as the as the project starts, therefore, we can save a lot of time, unlock all potentials and increase the value of the project.

Designing Resorts

We specialize in architectural designing for projects of resorts/entertainment area in specific and complicated topography.
We highly specialize in designing for eco and entertainment tourism.
We have a reputation for high-quality designing with a unique style

Designing landscape

Understanding climate features and local landscape in combination with the experience of foreign architects, we are proud to be the leading unit in resort landscape and golf court designing and bring a completely new and creative style.
The success shown in the combination between landscape design and landscape construction has brought us many architectural awards in eco-architecture

Designing trade centers and high-rise buildings

Our design team, with experience in construction supervision, is the core component in design projects of trade centers, urban designing and high-rise design.
Our recognition is seen through many excellent awards in architecture.

Designing eco-houses and residential areas

Our company has participated in designing many residential area projects; we especially pay attention to the landscape and environment.
Our architectural and landscape designs are corrected to small details according to customers’ specific requirements.

Designing general surface planning and urban areas

We design general surface planning and urban areas, from single projects to local general planning.
The company co-operates with departments of the city and survey units to form planning ideas for different phases of the project, from approval to construction.

Investment and environment planning consultancy

We give solutions for designing basing on the calculations of investment plans.
We provide professional architectural solutions in innovative and creative methods, with an aim to promote economic and environmental benefits.
We provide professional environment consultancy service including assessing works, assessing the impacts of the environment and developing planning project.

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Vicente Bernad Lillo

Vicente Bernad Lillo

Tuan Anh NS

Tuan Anh NS

Jay Schlitz

Jay Schlitz

Megan Dang

Megan Dang

Quang Trung Tran

Quang Trung Tran

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