National Flower, Global Ambition – DeciBel Unveils the Hanoi Lotus Centre

Australian firm deciBel(Architecture) has released images of their proposed multi-purpose theater and cultural center in the Vietnamese capital of Hanoi. The Hanoi Lotus draws inspiration from Vietnam’s national flower, creating a city-defining piece of public architecture to place Hanoi and Vietnam on the global stage.

Situated along an arterial road connecting the city center with Noi Bai Airport, the Hanoi Lotus will act as an urban gateway for locals and tourists. Emerging from a 19ha stormwater mitigation lake, the Lotus will respond to Hanoi’s increasing artistic, cultural and economic demands. The center will include a 2000-seat multifunctional theater, high technology business incubator center, ice-skating rink, cinemas, offices, and restaurants, creating a mixed-use public venue for thousands of residents and visitors to the Vietnamese capital.

The lotus flower exerts a heavy influence on the aesthetic and structural performance of the Hanoi Lotus. The center’s pentagonal grid reflects a ratio commonly found in the natural world, including the structural organization of the lotus flower. Iconic ‘structural petals’ draw inspiration from the natural flower, with a layered culmination of fins, shells, glazed panels, and grid supports. Inside, the ceiling of the main atrium responds to the colors and patterns of the natural lotus leaf, guiding users from the main foyer to the auditorium entrance.