Lavender Dalat

A scenic resort located resort combines face Tuyen Lam Lake in Da Lat, total area used for the project is 49ha, divided into two zones, Zone A face the lake with an area of ​​21ha, the B on the hill Saddle with area of ​​28 ha.
Stage 1: Area 28 ha lake
– Meets passenger traffic during peak hours is 2000 passengers / hour.
– The total number of visitors was 600,000 visitors annually, with an average annual growth rate / year is 10%.
 – To meet the number of guests staying from 20 visitors / day to a maximum of 64 guests / day (2 pax / cabin).
– The functional areas:
– Field of lavender (8-11ha)
– Dalat Flower Gardens (2-4 ha)